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Hearts of the Ocean
By: bdenzer. Posted: Jul, 12, 2012

The DOGS OF THE TITANIC is the world’s first tribute to the 10 dogs known to be on board the doomed ship. Museum pays permanent tribute to Titanic’s ill-fated passengers. By Carol Bryant Published in Fido Friendly magazine April, 2010

Her maiden voyage would be the only time she took to the waters, but her heart goes on in Branson, MO. On Monday, April 12, 1912, with approximately 3,600 passengers and crew aboard, the ill-fated ocean liner sank to her watery grave, taking 1,517 people to their final resting place. No doubt pop culture and the cinematic magic of James Cameron’s blockbuster film have spurred a renewed interest in maritime history. Perhaps not as well known is the presence and fate of the canine passengers aboard, although a popular attraction in Branson, MO, is about to change the tide.

The World’s Largest Titanic Museum Attraction is the number one permanent year-round family destination in Branson. In operation for about four years, it was welcomed aboard more than 2,000,000 guests. The 17,000 square foot, ship-shaped structure is built half-scale to the original Titanic and towers more than 100 feet above its anchored position on Highway 76. A 90-minute, self-guided (or optional audio) tour covers 20 galleries on two decks displaying more than 400 priceless artifacts that once belonged to Titanic passengers or crew.

The elite class of passengers traveling first class on Titanic were privileged to have Fido aboard if they so chose. Some of the breeds included millionaire businessman John Jacob Astor’s Airedale Terrier, Kitty; a champion French Bulldog; two Pomeranians, a Chow Chow; Pekingese and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by two of Philadelphia’s most distinguished elite, Bill and Lucille Carter (providing the namesake inspiration for the one of the museum’s canine mascots). Twice a day, a crew member would take the dogs for a walk about the ship. These Fido strolls became such a delight to passengers that an informal dog show was scheduled for the day the Titanic sunk.

The Dogs of Titanic, one of the least-explored chapters in the ship’s rich history, is the focus of a multimedia marketing campaign that will kick off March 19th, 2010, announced John Joslyn, Titanic owner. The museum’s Mighty Mascots, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Molly and Carter, will welcome guests at the ship’s iceberg entrance each day. The Dogs of Titanic is the world’s first tribute to the 10 dogs known to be on board the doomed ship.

Visitors to the open-year-round museum in Branson have the opportunity to meet Molly and Carter as they make their presence known on March 18, 2012, for an S.O.S. (Save Our Strays) Humane Society charity event. Being held from 6 PM to 9PM, the event benefits the Tri-Lakes Humane Society and the Humane Society of Taney County. FIDO Friendly readers interested in touring this permanent attraction another time can visit the website for information.

Guests boarding the museum receive a boarding pass bearing the name of a Titanic passenger. More than 400 personal and private artifacts in 20 rooms are on display as visitors walk the grand staircase, touch the frozen surface of an “iceberg,” explore would-class gallery rooms and stand aboard the might vessel’s bridge as the Captain gives commands. So set sail for the Titanic Museum for a historic, educational and memorable journey aboard this towering symbol of remembrance.

www.TitanicBranson.com 800-381-7670 Don’t miss this charming video of Molly & Carter, Titanic Branson’s very own mascots: Look for lots of other Titanic videos at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YDn26Who2Ag

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