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Book Blurbs & Reviews

Here's what Dr. Marty Becker, DVM and author of the best selling pet book, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE PET LOVERS SOUL, radio host and veterinary contributor to ABC's Good Morning America has to say about our book:

"Like a hungry pet, I sat down and engulfed the contents of THE CRAZY KIDS GUIDE TO COOKING FOR YOUR PET in a single sitting.

It was that easy to digest, that yummy to read, and so much fun going down! I laughed and learned --page by page -- and was so delighted at the edutainment format, I was happier than a dog with two tails!"

Mike Hammond, Pet Publishing Publisher:  "I laughed so hard I spilled my coffee. My cats will love Mice-A-Roni!"

Publishers Weekly:  "Small Publisher Stand Out"

Dallas Morning News:  Move Over  Emeril! New Crazy Pet Cookbook Shows Kids How to Whip Up Treats for Pets!

Orlando Sentinal:  "The Denzers, a mother-and-daughter team, have written a cookbook for kids that features easy-to-follow pet recipes, plus jokes, cartoons and character-building lessons."

Dog Fancy Magazine:  "If you like making special Treats for your dog, then this is the book for you."

Pet Age Magazine:  "The book strengthens the bond between children and pets while entertaining and educating children."

Bookdigger.com: "The all color book features The Back Bones of Character(tm) teaching children character values through pet care - Great Edutainment!"

Dayton Daily News:  "Do you have a kid who is crazy about animals? Then you may want to check out a nw book called The Crazy Kids Guide to Cooking for Your Pet."

BookLoons Reviews: "Whether you're looking for that perfect gift for a children's birthday or are after something different to add to your own family library, The Crazy Kids Guide to Cooking for your Pet is sure to please the fun-loving kid in all of us."

San Bernadino Sun (CA):  HOT DOG! The Crazy Kids Guide to Cooking For Your Pet is creating quite a stir in the children's book world with the publication which has been nominated for one of FOREWORD Magazines book of the year awards.

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