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Pet Professionals Who Tested Recipes

Diane Betelek - owns Heads & Tails Professional Dog Grooming shop in Liverpool, New York. She was helped by her daughter Jessica. Their standard poodle, Sid, did the taste testing. Diane was The Cardinal Crystal "Groomer of the Year" in 1999 You'll often find Diane either judging at grooming shows or competing in one on weekends, so if you live in Liverpool - make your appointment at her shop early!

Diana Mohler - is a two time Cardinal Crystal winner in the Grooming Journalist catagory. She is an writer and the co-author of two children's books about Willy, a handicapped chihuaua: How Willy Got His Wheels and How Willy Got His Wings. Diana recently sold her grooming shop and lives in Lake Elsinore, California with Sarge, her Yorkshire Terrior (oh, and husband Denny and son Gus too).

Vyra Pacheco - is a CPA from Blackhawk, California who has a rare breed of cat, Deisel a bengal kitten. The bengal looks like a miniature tiger. He's so irrisitible, we have to put his picture on the website!

Dina Perry - owns Wag'n Tails Pet Resort in Lansing, Michigan where dogs have their own "suites" with chandeliers and television! Dina has owned grooming shops, a fleet of mobil grooming vans, kennels and is a grooming contest judge. She teaches groomers at seminars around the country and in her spare time is a representative for Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions in Granger, Indiana where she is their top sales person! Dina was also the Cardinal Crystal "Groomer of the Century" - the highest honor ever for her expertise and professionalism in the grooming industry.

John Stazko - is the owner of Stazko Associates in Myakka City, Florida
and is also one of the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award winners. John travels the country teaching groomers his "Salon Owner Series Seminar" and has his own line of pet care products. John's wife Carla and his children Brian, 4 and Tori, 5 mixed up Lolli-Pups for us.

Marea Tully - is the international grooming consultant for the Andis Company. They make clippers and blades for groomers. Marea teaches groomers how to use the Andis clippers and blades to make their job easier. Maria had help from her granddaughters Robyn and Maya and their standard poodle, Tivi and and miniature schnauzer Ruthie. Marea is one of the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award Winners - the highest honor in the grooming industry. She's also an expert judge for grooming contests.

Deborah Turner - is the co-author of the Willy books and the owner of Willy. She found him abandoned with no use of his back legs. Check out the Willy website at www.wheelywilly.com to find out how Willy Got His Wheels and later when he became a celebrity and needed to fly acroos the country, how Willy Got His Wings. Deborah is the former owner of "Doggie in the Window" petshop, a landmark in Long Beach, California.

Deborah Rowe - Deborah is a groomer now working for Cardinal Laboratories in Azusa, California one of the leading manufacturer's of pet care products. She is their product and grooming expert and customer service representative. Deborah has both a cat and a very special dog, Dharma. She found Dharma thrown by the side of the road when he was just a newborn puppy. Dharma grew up to have epilepsy so Deb feeds him a very special diet and gives him lots of special care.

Again, our special thanks go to all the special people who helped us test and perfect the recipes in our book!

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