Why Kids Need Pets

The Kidoodlepets, Crazypets and the Princess Puppies.

Kidoodlepets is a word made up from parts of the phrase: “Kids & Pets Having Oodles of Fun.” Kidoodlepet Press (formerly Crazy Pet Press) was established in 2004 to “Connect Kids and Pets.” It was founded to publish books that are loads of fun, give kids information about pets and supply fun activities to do with pets.

All our books are based on The Building Blocks of Good Character. Children learn many valuable character values from caring for pets. To learn more about the building blocks that make up our character – and how to teach kids about character – click on the menu tab for the Building Blocks.

About the Books

Two of our books focus on the “Values” building block. The Back Bones of Character™ illustrate the values. The six “bones” are six values that children learn from caring for pets. In The Crazy Kids Guide to Cooking for Your Pet, you’ll find bones interspersed throughout the cartoons, pet care tips, recipes and pet information. On page 16, you’ll find a very simple recipe for Hush Puppies. You’ll also see a cartoon where Baby Dog doesn’t want to “share” his Hush Puppies. His dad, Crazy Dog, tells him that “sharing is part of being fair.” In the Kids Guide to Pet Jokes, Rhymes & Riddles, there is a simple sing-songy rhyme for each bone, to help children remember the meaning of the values.

The Kids Guide to Petiquette (The Inside Scoop on Pet Behavior) is the first book from the “Etiquette & Manners” building block. It explains to children, from the pet’s point of view, how to be kind to animals. And, that they need to teach their pet manners so he can be part of the family. The second book in the “Etiquette & Manners” block, The Kids Guide to Etiquette, is under construction, as are more books for other blocks. However, each book stands on its own as a fun, colorful, entertaining book with fun activities. As we develop the Kidoodlepet Press website, we’ll add activities and fun things to do with your kids and their pets. If you have information or activities that you would like to share with other parents concerned about building character in our kids, we will be happy to post them on our Bulletin Board under your name. The Bulletin Board changes every 2-3 weeks.


April 5
National Ferret Day & “Tag” Day – Check ID Tags or get your pet microchipped! http://www.americanhumane.org
April 12
Earth Daywww.EarthDay.org
April 13
Palm Sunday
April 17
Pet Owner's Independence Day – This holiday may be an April Fool! It’ rumored that we are supposed to send our pets to work while we stay home, or have them do our chores and take care of us! Good Luck with that!
April 18
International Guide Dog Daywww.igdf.org.uk – A salute to guide dogs and the service they provide for visually impaired people is so important we celebrate this dogs around the world on this day!

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