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Princess Amanda

Princess Puppies

Once Upon A Time in the land of Petopia there was a cat-a-clysmic day! That was a horrible, terrible, bad day for princesses. In the township of Poochieton the earth began to rumble! Princess Amanda was playing in the garden next to the royal castle – which began to shake, teeter and fall apart! “Run Amanda!” barked her mother out the castle window. “Run! Go to the Lodge in the Holly Pine Forest! Wait there for us . . .” her mother’s voice was drowned out by the noise of crashing stone.


April 5
National Ferret Day & “Tag” Day – Check ID Tags or get your pet microchipped! http://www.americanhumane.org
April 12
Earth Daywww.EarthDay.org
April 13
Palm Sunday
April 17
Pet Owner's Independence Day – This holiday may be an April Fool! It’ rumored that we are supposed to send our pets to work while we stay home, or have them do our chores and take care of us! Good Luck with that!
April 18
International Guide Dog Daywww.igdf.org.uk – A salute to guide dogs and the service they provide for visually impaired people is so important we celebrate this dogs around the world on this day!

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