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Mushers of the 2016 Iditarod Sled Dog Race “The Last Greatest Race”
Posted: Mar, 6, 2016

Even though Anchorage, Alaska is a little short of snow this year, the historic Alaskan sled dog race, the Iditarod, began today! The race, which runs from Willow to Nome, across tundra, through mountains and even crossing rivers is as treacherous as climbing mountains like Everest.

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race - March 1, 2014
Posted: Feb, 28, 2014

Warm temperatures almost caused the famous Iditarod dog sled race to be moved from Anchorage to Fairbanks Alaska. But this week temperatures dropped and race officials followed tradition, starting it in Anchorage.

Assistance Dog Resources for Kids With Autism
Posted on June 29, 2013

Note: This resource list is a follow up to one of my blog postings “Dogs Give Autistic Children Freedom and Independence” - posted in June 2013 - which told about Clive, a dog trained by the Irish Guide Dogs (Dublin, IR) - and his companion Murray, an autistic boy. You can learn more about their story at AssistDogAutism.blogspot.com

Kids Can Learn About Patriotism from Dogs

On this veterans day, it’s appropriate to recognize that Dogs can be Veterans too! They serve in all of the branches of the U.S. Military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy! Military dogs have saved the lives of many of our soldiers. They have also sacrificed their own lives.

Therapy Dogs Help Kids Be Independent: Seizure Assistance Dogs

Dogs can be trained do extraordinary things. One is the ability to alert parents when children are having a seizure – or even before it happens.

Scent Acuity of Dogs – Another Reason Kids Need Dogs

Last week I was shopping in a home accessories store. I turned down an aisle and all of a sudden I was transported to my Aunt Jessie’s house.

Kids Can Volunteer & Contribute to Helping Animals

Americans are the most generous people in the world when it comes to contributing money and supplies or volunteering to help people that have lost their homes or endured hardships due to natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or tsunamis. Kids see and hear about this every time there’s a disaster. They want to help too.

Teaching Children to Love Pets

My mailbox is a long way from my house, at the bottom of a steep hill. It seems like nothing good comes in the mail anyway (bills, ads, junk) so I don’t bother to get the mail very often.

Titanic Dogs Remembered In Museum Exhibit On Eve Of 100th Anniversary

from Mother Nature Network’s Russell McLendon on Huffington Post

The Titanic sank into the North Atlantic 100 years ago this Sunday, killing more than 1,500 people in what remains the most famous shipwreck in modern history. And after being recounted, researched and re-enacted for generations, a trove of information has emerged about the ship, the iceberg, the victims and the survivors.

But at least a dozen Titanic passengers have received far less attention over the past century. As a new centennial museum exhibit reveals, roughly 12 dogs were onboard the Titanic on April 15, 1912, all pets of first-class passengers.

Who’s the Richest Dog in the World?
Posted on March 12, 2011

Dollar, Richie Rich’s dog in the comic books, is set to inherit Richie’s fortune estimated at $24.7 billion according to Forbes Magazine in September 2002. We can only assume the interest has increased Dollar’s stash by now.

In another cartoon strip from the newspapers, Sandy and his pal Annie may very well inherit Daddy Warbuck’s estate. If they split it 50/50 they can each expect to inherit $5 billion from Daddy. That would make Sandy the second richest dog in the world according to Kenneth Barker in an article in Classic Comics #8, August 1984 per the Official Little Orphan Annie Home Page.

A Dog’s Prayer
Posted on March 12, 2011

Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness, that the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside..... for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements.

10 Poisonous Common Plants In Your Garden
Posted on March 12, 2011

There are actually hundreds of plants that can poison our pets and our children, but these are 10 of the most common plants that you find in our yards and gardens that are harmful to pets. Many also have pretty flowers that we pick and bring into our homes. For more information, the ASPCA website has an extensive list of poisonous plants. http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/plants/

  1. Autumn Crocus: Eating Autumn Crocus can trigger rapidly dividing cells and cause intestine problems, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting. (Botanical name: Colchicum)
  2. Azaleas: This popular flowering bush found in almost all parts of the country can damage a dog's cardiovascular system, cause upset stomachs & trigger vomiting. (Botanical name: Rhododendron
  3. Daffodils: The bulbs of Daffodils are toxic to dogs and can cause convulsions, tremors, lethargy, weakness, and upset stomachs. We know that dogs love to dig up things in the garden so it is not unlikely that they could eat Daffodil bulbs planted in their yard. (Botanical name: Narcissus)
  4. Hyacinth: This popular plant with beautiful flowers can cause severe vomiting, bloody diarrhea, depression, and tremors if eaten by pets. (Botanical name: Hyacinth)




February – Prevent a Litter Month (Humane Society of the US)

February – Pet Dental Month (American Veterinary Medical Assn and American Veterinary Dental Society)

• Responsible Pet Owners Month www.AVMA.org

February 2 – Sled Dog Day

February 4 – Thank a Mailman Day

February 11 – Make A Friend Day - Make a Friend Day is a great opportunity to adopt a new "best friend" pet meet someone new, or do something to make a new friend.

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