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Who’s the Richest Dog in the World?
By: bdenzer. Posted: Jul, 19, 2012

Dollar, Richie Rich’s dog in the comic books, is set to inherit Richie’s fortune estimated at $24.7 billion according to Forbes Magazine in September 2002. We can only assume the interest has increased Dollar’s stash by now.

In another cartoon strip from the newspapers, Sandy and his pal Annie may very well inherit Daddy Warbuck’s estate. If they split it 50/50 they can each expect to inherit $5 billion from Daddy. That would make Sandy the second richest dog in the world according to Kenneth Barker in an article in Classic Comics #8, August 1984 per the Official Little Orphan Annie Home Page.

Flossie, real life yellow lab companion of Drew Barrymore is set for life. After she saved Drew and her then partner Tom Green’s life (when their house caught fire and burned to the ground in 2002) she got a rather large reward. Drew, who had rescued Flossie years before, wanted Flossie to know she’d “always have a roof over her head,” so she placed her rebuilt estate, valued at $3 million in trust for Flossie. That’s some dog house! From dogsinthenews.com

In August of 2007, the will of deceased real estate billionairess Leona Helmsley left $12 million dollars to her little white Maltese, Trouble. That’s just where Troubles “troubles” began. Rumor had it that two of Helmsley’s grandchildren, who were left out of the will completely, might be contesting it. Sadly for Trouble, a court judgment did reduce her trust fund to $2 million. However, that should not impact her life style of pampered living with meals prepared by a gourmet chef, professional grooming appointments and security guard protection. She can also rest in peace each night knowing her final resting place will be beside her master in the Helmsley mausoleum in New York.

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