Why & How We Teach Kids to Love Pets

Posted on: February 26th, 2017 by Barbara Denzer No Comments

Maybe it’s February. It’s raining & Windy in the West, Snowing in the Mountains, Blizzards are rolling through the East. People are stuck at home, some without power. We’re crabby and need sunshine. But what in the world makes people mistreat animals!? There have been so many stories this month of Rescue groups saving sadly mistreated dogs and cats. Those of us who do love animals just can’t understand. Let’s do what we can to let everyone know that we won’t accept mistreating of animals!

Kids love pets!

What can we do to prevent mistreatment of pets? 1. Be a role model of caring, patience and love for pets to our children, the children next door, the children in the neighborhood. 2. TEACH our children how to love and care for animals, it doesn’t come naturally.  If you can’t have a pet of your own, you can still talk about how to treat and respect pets. 3.  TALK about giving pets a forever home and the commitment that entails. 5. TRAIN your pets to be good members of the family, take them to Obedience classes to learn the house rules: come, sit, stay, lie down, don’t jump.  (Shake and Hi-5 too.) When they are well trained, they are valued members of the family – and they don’t get taken back to the shelter because they don’t behave. 6. TAKE your kids to the zoo, to the shelters to visit pets even if they can’t adopt one, to movies about dogs and cats or other animals. Go to the aquariums. Watch the Saturday morning TV shows about pets, the veterinarians who care for animals, the dog trainers who demonstrate how to train dogs. 7.  Have your kids (4 years+) hold a puppy or a kitten and feel their heart beat. Have them listen to it breathe.  Explain that they feel pain when we hurt them. Talk about feeding pets because they get hungry and thirsty like we do. Kiss your kids and praise them when they treat the pets with respect and love!

THANK YOU to all the pet lovers that have adopted mistreated pets, pets that needed health care, pets that became fearful of people, those that were broken and scared or in their senior years. THANK YOU to those of you who fostered them until a forever home was available.

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