Best March Calendar for Kids & Pets 2017

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March 2017 – 31 Days in The Month  / 0 Official Holidays / 19 Celebration Days / 5 Pet Days

 Professional Pet Sitters Week

Poison Prevention Awareness Month – March 19-25 National Poison Prevention Week

National Craft Month

1  Share A Smile Day

2  Dr. Seuss’ Birthday – Read Digging-est Dog to your dog!

IF Pets Had Thumbs Day! (What Would They Do? Grab your sandwich?)

4  National Pancake Day

  9 -12  Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, in Birmingham, England

11  Johnny Appleseed Day – have your dog dig a hole to plant an apple tree

12 Day Light Savings Time Begins – Spring ahead 1 Hour – Also “Good Samaritan” Day

12  Girl Scout Day

13  K-9 Veterans Day – honor the dogs of war

17  St. Patrick’s Day

18  Johnny Appleseed Day & First Walk in Space Day

19  Swallows Return to Mission San Juan Capistrano – (Ok, so the swallows are not exactly pets, but we do look forward to seeing them come home and birds don’t have a lot to celebrate, so lets do it.)

20  First Day of Spring

21  World Poetry Day – Write your dog, cat, bird or pony a Poem!

22  National Goof Off Day & National Sing-Out Day – Sing to Your Pet

23  National Puppy Day

24  For Kids Who Love Magic, it’s Harry Houdini’s Birthday

26  Make Your Own Holiday Day

31  Tater Day

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