Therapy Dogs Help Kids Be Independent: Seizure Assistance Dogs

Posted on: October 7th, 2012 by Barbara Denzer No Comments

Dogs can be trained do extraordinary things. One is the ability to alert parents when children are having a seizure – or even before it happens. That alone helps keep the child safe. They also provide them with important emotional support. By going with a child to doctor, therapy or testing appointments, they can entertain, distract and even give children courage during stressful procedures like blood tests. For children who are scared to be alone, they are comforting companions. They can share the bedroom with children who are afraid of the dark. Service dogs help children make friends with other children who want to pet the dog and ask questions, breaking the ice and starting a friendship. Children with special needs want what every other child does, to be accepted. Having a pet that’s also a service dog provides them with that acceptance, as well as comfort, laughter and protection. For more information about Seizure Assistance Dogs, please visit this website, an outstanding organization Providing Service Dogs to Children.

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