Monique Arrives! We Learn to Pamper Pets

Posted on: April 18th, 2013 by Barbara Denzer No Comments

When Aunt Roses parakeet Petey passed away and she was inconsolable Uncle David decided that perhaps Aunt Rose should have a dog. He traveled a lot. I think he finally thought a dog might not only keep her company, it might protect her when he was gone. He was a great hunter. I imagine he had something like an Irish Setter or a Labrador Retriever in mind.

Aunt Rose came home with a cute little white miniature poodle which she named Monique. You can’t imagine how appropriate that was. Monique was like an extension of her. Aunt Rose had been a fashion model before they were married. She gave up her career but she was always impeccably dressed and made up for the occasion, even if it was gardening.

From the time Monique arrived, they were never more than a couple feet apart. Pampering her pet was an art that she took quite seriously. Monique’s manners were better than ours were. She was always clean and smelled good.

Aunt RosePoodle white taught us that pets were to be well taken  care of.

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