Giving Thanks – Pets Are At the Top of Our List

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Mickey Mouse Thanks

Thanksgiving is the time we stop and count our blessings and talk about what we have to be thankful for. In our country we have a lot to be thankful for and we always mention our friends and family, our warm house, our food and clothes, our health, our jobs and teachers, our safe neighborhood, and then a lot of silly things like  our TV, our favorite football team, new shoes and we always talk  about our pets! They make us laugh!

They protect us. They cuddle with us. They smile and wag their tails  or purr and rub our legs. They meet us at the door when we come  home. They follow us. They chase us. They play with us. They talk to  us. They growl at us when they need to. They tease us. They beg us  to pay attention to them. They comfort us. They wake us up. They  sleep next to us. We end up talking about our pets longer than  anything else. We love our pets and we’re thankful for them! This thanksgiving make a list of the reasons you’re  thankful for your pets!

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