Kids Learn Nuture By Practicing

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Like most young children our kids had security blankets that went everywhere with them for well, a long time. Duckie, a stuffed yellow duck, was a favorite of one of girls. In fact, she latched on to any and every stuffed animal that she ever came in contact with. As she grew, she had a passion for animals of all kinds.

We thought she had a natural connection to pets and an innate knowledge that they needed to be taken care of.  According to studies by Dr. Gail Melson, “You don’t learn to nuture because you were nutured as a child. People need a way to practice being caregivers when they’re young.” It’s another reason for kids to grow up with pets they can love and help take care of.

We’d used Duckie to talk to her about what it means to take care of something. Some kids play with dolls. As parents, we teach them to care of a baby doll or a maybe a younger sibling. Our daughter started with stuffed animals and transferred to real animals when she was old enough to realize other people, and animals, have feelings.

Most pet behaviorists recommend children be about 8 years old before they get a pet, but parents know their child’s abilities best.Kitty Dad n Toddler

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