His Ears Caught Her Tears

Posted on: August 29th, 2014 by Barbara Denzer No Comments

Going though some old files, I came across a list of quotes about dogs. You know how strange it is when something “hits you in the face” because it’s something you’ve just recently seen happen?

This quote by world famous poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, was one of those things for me:  “His ears were often the first thing to catch my tears.” She was referring to her dog, a cocker spaniel. It reminded me immediately of an incident earlier in the week when I (along with some others) was a dinner guest at an acquaintance’s home.

The hostess was setting the table in the Great Room near where we were all visiting. Her daughter, about 8 years old, want to help. (Amazing, a child that wants to help! That’s good, right?)  She asked if she could put the silverware around. Mom said no, she would do it. She asked if she could fold the napkins. Mom said no, she could do it much faster. She asked if she could fill the water glasses. Mom said, “NO! I don’t want water spilled on the table.” “You never let me help do anything!” the girl yelled as she started sobbing and fled the room.  The family dog, Suzy Q, jumped up and headed up the stairs after her.

One of the wgirl and dogonderful benefits of pets is that they’re loyal. They are also protective. They’re comforting. They let you cry and tell them why. They share your secrets with no one. They curl up in your lap and give you comfort. You de-stress as you pet them. You develop a bond with them.

This is especially helpful to children who feel alienated. As a guest, it wasn’t my place to offer my opinion to the mother, or my sympathy to a child in a private area of the house. I was glad that Suzy Q could step in and be a pal to the little girl, just like Miss Browning’s dog had done for her many times. It’s good for kids to grow up with pets, pets are part of the family.

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