Teach Your Kids to Love Pets 9 – Share Your Pets

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Teach Kids to Love Pets

Teach Your Kids to Love Pets

One warm, sunny Saturday morning Sami and I headed to our favorite main street restaurant for breakfast. When we got out of the car the first thing we saw was a man at the sidewalk café eating his breakfast and reading the paper. Next two him were two large, beautiful parrots. One was blue and yellow, the other red and green. They were stunning. We’d only seen parrots like that on television. Sami immediately wanted to go see the parrots. I held her back and told her it would be rude to interrupt the man when he was enjoying his breakfast. “Let’s go have our breakfast and if he’s finished when we come back, we’ll ask him if he will tell us about his parrots.” She reluctantly agreed, not quite sure she wanted to do that, but the puppies in the pet store next door quickly got our attention. We had our pancakes and were on our way back to the car when we saw the man still sitting at the café. As we approached he said, “I’ve been waiting for you. It was so nice of you not to interrupt my meal, I wanted you to meet my parrot friends.” Then he told her about the parrots and how friendly they were. He let her hold one of them – cradling him upside down in her arms, like you’d hold a baby!” What a delightful experience it was for all of us! People who love pets are happy to share their animals.

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